Three more movie reviews from Louise Binder aka Dame Velveeta Peron

Published 30, Apr, 2011

Mini reviews of Scream 4, African Cats and Born to be Wild

 Scream 4 - An excellent addition to the brand

I liked this movie much more than I expected to like it. If you like this genre and this brand, you'll have fun. Enjoy.


African Cats - Purrfect


True confessions: I love cats more than most people. If you want to see incredible photography of Masai Mara in Kenya and the most beautiful creatures in the world, this is the film for you. Warning: Animals were killed during the making of this movie.


Born to be Wild - A Love story


Unless you are a sociopath, and I know a few, you cannot help but be moved by this film. A documentary about two women who save orphaned elephants in Kenya and orangutans in Borneo, it is heartrending, beautiful and inspiring. On another level, it is a story of human cruelty and greed. Poachers killed the parents of these animals for sale.I don't blame the poor poachers who are hired by the rich for their pleasures. When will governments learn to pay the poachers more than their clients do and save the animals ? When will we learn that there is more pleasure in going to watch these amazing creatures than in killing them for passing pleasures ? They aren't the wild ones, we are.

Yours in improving human behaviour,

 Dame Velveeta Peron