Movie Reviews: The Interrupters and Paranormal Activity 3

Published 25, Oct, 2011

Louise Binder went to see The Interrupters, True Stories of Courage on Chicago's Mean Streets nad says don’t miss it. . She also Saw Paranormal 3 and says give it a miss.

The Interrrupters is a mesmerizing, inspiring and frightening documentary about the reality of violence in the poor districts of Chicago. The story follows three "Interrupters", two young men and one woman ,i.e. former gang members , who now work to head off potentially violent confrontations between combatants, mainly black and Hispanic, with an amazing degree of success. This is due to their credibility with the perpetrators and potential perpetrators, earned by killing, robbing and violating people themselves and their long stints in jail for so doing.

Looking at these interrupters, who look so young, it is hard to believe that they have each done more than a decade of time in jail. Ameena, the daughter of one the biggest gang leaders in Chicago and a second in command in a gang herself, is captivating. She has turned her life around, married a Muslim leader and has children herself. She is utterly fearless when facing down gang members on the street, who listen to her with respect. They should. She speaks their language and brings psychology to the discussion. She is patient, caring but made of steel when she knows a cause is just. I came out of the movie wishing I lived near Ameena. I'm sure we would become great friends. Don't miss it.

Paranormal Activity 3

Please don't make a 4th. This franchise needs to stop. It has run out of new, interesting and scary ideas. Give it a miss. Wait for the new Kermit move, which, from the trailers, looked a lot more suspenseful.

 Dame Velveeta Peron