Movie Review: Bridesmaids

Published 16, May, 2011

Our movie critic Louis Binder calls it “Retro Fairy-Tale Crap with Every Sexist Cliché known to Man”

I am stunned that we still preach on film that the ultimate goal for all women is to be married/have a live-in relationship with some guy - apparently any guy. Doesn't anyone read the divorce statistics ? Doesn't anyone go to therapy?

And why is it still funny to see two women jealous of each other ? Why is it still funny to make fun of women because they have eating disorders? Women have complex and interesting relationships of all kinds. Couldn't we show them?

Is it really still funny to watch people barfing and crapping in sinks because of food poisoning? Didn't that go out with Porkies and frat house toga parties?

So sad, because this movie asks a lot of the right questions but comes up with all the (same old) wrong answers. Husband boring in bed ? Suck it up (so to speak) and go to Vegas for a weekend. Husband too tired for sex? Have a lesbian lover. Girlfriend getting married and you're not ? Don't worry, she's paving the way so you will have great advice when you meet Mr. Right. Got business and depression problems? Don't worry, Mr. Right will fix them - along with the plumbing I'm sure.

This film is so deeply shallow, I warn you not to jump in.


 Dame Velveeta Peron