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Published 08, Nov, 2012

DJ Relentless speaking about music again – and a round-up of fall releases, with another free download.

More music

The fall season is when the music industry usually releases its heavy hitters. For example, Grammy winner Alicia Keys has a new single out called “Girl On Fire” featuring Nicki Minaj. When Alicia was a new artist I really liked her. She was a breath of fresh R&B air, but I haven’t really enjoyed any of her contributions since “You Don’t Know My Name”. Yeah....the hook on “Empire State” was sweet, but I don’t think her idea of R&B/Hip Hop has translated into today’s sound. That’s probably why not even Nicki Minaj’s quick rap could save this track.  And after Alicia and Jack White ruined their attempt at a James Bond theme, I don’t think Alicia could get a hit if she were blindfolded and thrown in traffic.

What? Too harsh? Well, I have been very disappointed with a lot of the “new” tracks being released. And speaking of Onika Tanya Maraj (oh...I mean Nicki Minaj)....what is this abundance of just crude lyrics. Her latest offering is “Come On A Cone”. All I can think about are those two little British girls on “Ellen”. No matter how much they try to make radio friendly versions of Nicki’s songs, these little girls are still singing them at the top of their lungs. I have grown tired of this foul-mouthed idiot. Between her pubescent lyrics and her blatant wannabe Lady GaGa image, I just can’t stomach her anymore. At least Lil’ Kim kept it real. Nicki has fallen in the same category that I put Marilyn Manson and Bethany Frankel.....say anything to be shocking. 

And since I brought up Ellen....did you hear about Anderson being cancelled? Apparently Ellen is kicking ass in ratings and has all the sponsors. And as much as I love those icy eyes and silver hair, over the past year or so his talk show has not caught on. His coming out was very lack lustered since everyone already knew. And his obsession with Reality TV personalities like Honey Boo Boo and the Real Housewives of New Jersey just made me wonder about his judgment.  It took years for Ellen to cultivate her following after coming out. I kinda think it’s different for a gay man coming out in the spotlight. I mean....Adam Lambert made it official after his stint on American Idol and he’s popular, but he’s not topping the charts. 

His latest single, “Trespassing” is okay, but none of the remixes are making me wanna play any of them. I mean...I’m happy that he’s out and doing his thang in the music industry, but is he happy with the material he’s putting out? 

And on the gay or gay Friendly horizon, rumors have emerged that The Scissor Sisters have broken up. In actuality they have amicably parted ways with their drummer, Paddy Boom (according to a statement that they posted on their website on October 22nd). I wonder if this is a situation like when Vince Clarke left Depeche Mode because he didn’t care for the direction the group was going with the music? If he hadn’t left, we would have never had Yazoo and Erasure. 

But don’t worry. This blog isn’t all bitchin’ and bad reviews. I have found a few things that I really like. For example, Swedish House Mafia has a great track out called “Don’t You Worry Child” featuring John Martin. My favorite remix is by Joris Voorn. It’s got a great bass line and would work for a serious House crowd as well as the young twinks. 

When I first heard Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You” I was really unimpressed. I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. It almost seemed like everyone was embracing him because he came out as bisexual before his album dropped. His falsetto sounded like a bad Prince impersonation and it was a ballad. But then I got the Lonsdale Boys Club Remix in my pool.’s like night and day between the original and this hot groove they put behind his vocals. It works and it is what my brother and I like to call a N&R track (nightly and regardless - whether they dance or not. I’m playing this one for me!). Fortunately my floor has been loving it. 

And finally, I was watching Ellen last week and she brought on this Hip Hop act called Macklemore & Ryan Lewis who performed this really deep song called “Same Love” featuring Mary Lambert. It is the first Hip Hop song that I have heard that supports same-sex marriage and gay Rights. I liked it so much that I immediately went to iTunes and bought their album. And then I spent a couple hours remixing the 85 BPM track into a 96 BPM DJ friendly track. I hope my floor appreciates it this weekend. 

Then I was so inspired by the message of the song that I put together a special mixed set about “Equality” to share with you. Here’s another free download: