Going Freelance

Published 15, Oct, 2012
Author // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life

Wayne Bristow contemplates taking his photography to the next level, meanwhile giving us a colourful selection of his latest images.

Going Freelance

As my plans to venture into "freelance" photography progress, this time of year is the best to put together a colourful portfolio. 

Ahhhhh, Fall is finally here again in all its colourful glory. My absolute favourite time of the year, hands down. The humidity and excessive heat is finally gone. We're one step away from winter, I'm hoping it will be a slow progression. It's back to dressing in layers. I got my flu shot; I think I'm ready if it makes an early appearance, so bring it on. 

I had a touchy situation the day before my blood work so I'm hoping my counts haven't gone down. I was blindsided, didn't see it coming, again I got stressed and angry. So, still I am being tested, I'm fighting it with people and things that give me comfort. 

But writing isn't one of them. I have been having a real problem with writer's block, I get half way through something and then read it back and its just a bunch of ramblings. If they were handwritten they would resemble nothing more than chicken scratch. My handwriting used to be a strong point for me in my school days. 

To tell the truth, my mind and time have been taken up by photography. I did complete my first paid photo job, nice! The photos were for a website; they wanted several photos that would rotate at the top of their homepage. I submitted about 200 possibilities for consideration. The project had to do with building strong communities. It can be viewed here.  

I went just over two weeks trying to find things that might work. I found myself in familiar places trying to recreate something I knew I had already taken. Finally I went into my archives and found many of those pictures. It's true what they say - a photo is capturing the moment that can't be caught again. I found this quote on Twitter recently, "Its not what you're looking at, it's what you see". Many times I've walked past things I see and keep going but turn around when it hits me it would make  a good shot. 

I was paid 400 smackers for the job, and I think I did the smart thing -  I put it into another lens for the camera. So now when I head out on a hike I have to pack up the camera with four lenses, a one legged and a three legged tripod, extra batteries and other things I might need for the day. I also carry a Blackberry Playbook so I have my photos with me in case someone might want to see them. You've got to be ready in case another job comes along. I love the digital age, Can you imagine what carrying all those photos would do to my old back? Mind you, what I do carry isn't lightweight. 

Yesterday I was out around the city in places where you find graffiti, thinking I could find more that had homophobic messages for the project we are working on at my ASO (AIDS Service Organization). I walked and walked until it started to get dark. I found five or six items that might help. 

There were no bus stops near where I ended up so I had to hobble home; my ankles couldn't take anymore. I don't have the same problems with neuropathy but the joints aren't what they use to be. The fresh air and exercise was something I did need so it equals out. 

I can't share the graffiti with you, it will be put into a book form and online when its completed but here are some shots I've taken in the last week or two. Because of the weird weather we've had and now we are getting a lot of rain, seems its making the colours in the leaves more vibrant. These pictures show what its like right now, it will get more colourful over the next couple of weeks, can't wait.

This story will continue as I set up to hopefully make some extra cash. Stay tuned.

More pics.

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Wayne Bristow - Positive Life

Wayne Bristow - Positive Life

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