Down to the wire

Published 29, Oct, 2012

DJ Relentless on the US presidential, race. “So, we are down to the wire. The election is a week away and all the debates are over”

Down to the wire

Now....I know this is not my normal blog about music, but I felt as an American in Canada I should say something about what is happening in this election (at least from my point of view). 

Obama’s performance in the last two debates was just what his campaign needed. I’m not sure if CNN is trying to appear unbiased but they will not let the President enjoy his victory. They keep saying that he won the debates, but Romney still did better on getting his points across. According to their poll numbers, Romney won points for hammering Obama on his record and the economy and the Libya Embassy situation. He basically lied about what he is going to do when he gets into office and pandered to those who don’t understand how bad a situation Obama inherited when he took office. 

And I love how the Republicans keep saying....”Obama promised to do all these things and didn’t accomplish them.” Well, of course he didn’t. From day one of his term, the Republicans vowed to block whatever he planned to do. They made it their mission to make him a one term president. And I find it interesting that through all of the debates, Romney still has not said what his plans are to fix the economy. He keeps saying he knows how to create jobs in this country and we are supposed to just trust him on this. He keeps speaking of his record as a governor and a business man. Obama is speaking from the experience of being in the oval office. Unfortunately, this whole election has come down to race. The Republicans would love to say that now that we have elected a Black President that “racism” is over. According to Ann Coulter’s new book “racism” is long gone with the civil rights movement. I guess that’s why there are so many folks on the internet posting statements like “Get that nigger out of office at all cost!” 

After the first debate, there was plenty of speculation about why Obama seemed lifeless. Some said he was tired. Others said he was surprised by Romney’s attacks. My husband thinks he was playin’ possum since he did so well in the last two. But I believe that the President had a much bigger problem on his mind. Most folks are not thinking about the pressures that this president has on his shoulders. 

Being the first African-American President he has an obligation to uphold the dignity of the office and also not look like an angry black man during the campaign. I would not like to be in his shoes. I applaud him for handling everything that his presidency has brought into his life. Do you realize that no other president has had as many death threats as Obama?. No other president has had to endure the verbal abuse and written attacks on him and his family. So, I believe the expressions on Obama’s face during the first debate were him contemplating what he wanted to say and how not to attack without bringing up all the adversity that he has endured. It seemed like there were a few moments when he came close to saying “The Republican party sabotaged my presidency and now they are blaming me!” The frustration was clear on his face and in his voice. 

I have a friend who loves to bash Obama every chance she gets. She loves to bring up his mistakes. But I don’t think she realizes what the backroom deals in Congress can do to a person. You don’t get things done in Washington DC for free. You've got to give up something. In this case, the Republicans only said yes if they could tarnish the original idea of what Obama wanted to do. Now, they are saying he didn’t do the job he was elected to do. The funny thing is that he has done more in his four years than George W. Bush did in eight. 

Romney kept trying to say that unemployemnt figures are unacceptable. That more people are out of work now than when Obama took office. He said that oil production was down 14% from last year. CNN did point out in their fact checking that Romney’s statements were “true, but misleading”. There are good explanations for why the economy has not completely bounced back. Our past is why we are still struggling. So, when the President starts telling us that we've a do things balanced when adjusting tax codes we don’t want to hear that. We want a quick fix, but the quick fix is like putting a band-aid on a hole in a dam. It’s gonna break sooner or later. To some who are not informed or stuck on one issue they are listening to Romney and his words are music to their ears. He’s singing the words that they want to hear. But beware of the wolf in sheep clothing. Romney still has not given direct information on how he plans to boost the economy. He just keeps saying “I know how to bring jobs back”. Like his record as a business man is supposed to be his resume. Just becasue he got money doesn’t mean he is going to get you some.  His closing statements during the second debate where he claimed to care about 100% of the American public is the presidential candidate who will say anything to be elected. And him trying to politicize the four people who lost their lives in Libya was just down right disrespectful and pathetic. Obama was very careful with his words on purpose. The world is watching. 

By the time we got to the last debate, I found it sad that my gay American friends were watching Rupaul’s Drag Race instead of paying attention. There is so much riding on this election and the idea that the gay community would just assume everyone is voting for Obama is a sad assumption. I have at least ten gay facebook friends who are voting for Romney. And if you ask them why they will tell you that they like what Romney is saying. But as we have all watched, Romney has and will say anything to win this election. What he will do when he gets in office is exactly what he said at that fundraiser dinner where he was taped talking about the 47%. 

CNN fact checkers even found that his comment about “binders of women” isn’t even true. He does not own a binder. And what was with the failed attempt by Paul Ryan to fake a photo op to make us believe that he volunteers in homeless shelters. Reports say that he and his crew pushed his way into a shelter after hours for him to wash some pots and pans that were already clean. Are these the men you want in the White House? 

And if you don’t believe that the Republicans are doing everything they can to steal this election, look at the headlines of Romney’s son buying up voting machines in Ohio. Or how about the Republican guy who was caught throwing out valid voter registration forms? And the biggest tell-tell signs are the states that have put in place new laws on voting. All of them are states where the Republicans think Obama is going to win if they don’t do something.

So, I hope that everyone thinks about what’s good for America as opposed to what they want to hear. And if Romney can’t explain to you how he’s going to fix our economy before he is elected, why do you think he will tell you after he’s in office. He can’t tell you because if he did you wouldn’t vote for him. From the beginning of his campaign to’s been the same song, different verse.