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Monday, 03 December 2012 Author // Positively Dating Categories // Dating, Gay Men, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Population Specific , Positively Dating

Our Positively Dating takes in a house guest - and heavens! “This slight stint of domestication has made me realize what I really want. A husband!”


Loneliness can drive a person bonkers. I mean, look at all the cat ladies of the world.  Much like those feline lovin’ females, I found myself taking in a stray. No, not a pussy - I’m allergic. I took in boy. 

Philip, my ex-crush and current bestie, had torn the meniscus in one of his knees. For you and me this wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, but for Philip it is his lifeblood. He is a dancer and uses his legs for more than just putting them behind his head. Since he now lives in Portland, Oregon, he needed a place to crash so he could feign New York residency to qualify for free surgery at a dancer’s clinic. Since I am such a good friend, I allowed him to crash on my couch.   

Having an ex-crush as a friend is fine when you see them on occasion. Having an ex-crush sleeping on your couch for two months, after not dating and being alone for sometime, well that is a horse of another color. 

To be honest it really wasn’t that bad. There was only one time that really drove me over the edge. I woke up one morning and he wasn’t there. He found a little something that evening and at first I thought I was upset. But then I wasn’t sure if I was just jealous of him for getting some. Other than that minor glitch, I found myself enjoying our time together. I always had someone to do something with. I had someone to calm my nerves during hurricane Sandy. It was almost like we were playing house except that we kept our peckers in our pants. I guess we were not unlike most couples that suffer from LBD (lesbian bed death).  

During his stay, I tried to set up a date or two with some other boys. After a cancelation, I found that I didn’t even want to try anymore. I would rather go home and hang with someone that I know would make me smile - even though he left crumbs on my couch cushions. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I gave up on sex completely. I had to rely on afternoon delights because Philip was at my place all the time.  But they stopped being as fulfilling as they once were, so I even gave up on those after a while. 

Wait! Oh. My. God.  I have been domesticated! The thing of it is, is much like Margret White when she was taken with the stink of filthy roadhouse whiskey on her lover’s breath - “I liked it. I LIKED IT!” 

This slight stint of domestication has made me realize what I really want. A husband! If I am a really, really, really good boy, maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas. 

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Positively Dating

Positively Dating

I am a 34 year old HIV positive single gay man living in New York City. Any one of those would be daunting on their own, but adding them all together makes for quite an interesting dating life. I send my trials and tribulations out through the web not only to help spark a dialog that I think we are desperately missing but to help with the stigmas about being HIV positive that are put on us from other people and more importantly the stigmas that we put on ourselves. Also it gives me an outlet to rant about my dating woes.

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