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Daniel Bauer – Beyond Belief

Monday, 02 July 2012 Author // Positively Dating Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Performances, Living with HIV, Positively Dating

Our New York guy Positively Dating reviews the Daniel Bauer show that combines the arts of magic and escape with Daniels’s own story of living with HIV.

Daniel Bauer – Beyond Belief

Note to readers: For our interview with Daniel Bauer, follow the “related articles” link at the end of this story

I had extremely low expectations sitting in the darkened theatre at New York City’s Cap 21 waiting to see Daniel Bauer’s Beyond Belief. While there may be a few great tricks that leave you pondering for days, I find that the majority of magic shows leave me feeling a little empty.  As soon as the lights came up and Daniel sat on a wooden stool and he addressed the audience, I knew I was wrong and was in for something thrilling. 

It is hard for me to call this a magic show. Don’t get me wrong, there was magic and it was fun, funny and sometimes confounding. But this show was so much more than that. It was Daniel’s personal journey from childhood to Houdini’s successor, from testing positive for HIV and drug addiction and losing it all to where he finds himself today. He cleverly intersperses magic tricks to aid him in his story telling and that helps to lighten the mood during the darker parts of the evening.   

I found myself completely enthralled by the stories he wove. So much so that before I knew it, I was shedding tears, laughing out loud and amazed by his acts of magic and escape. 

It was a truly fascinating and heartbreaking performance. Daniel’s message is one of strength, courage, hope and most importantly an inspiring struggle to keep chasing your dreams, no matter what stands in your way or knocks you down. 

Daniel Bauer is as charismatic as he is handsome and as funny as he is moving – and all this while he conjures up a magically unforgettable and emotionally charged evening. 

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