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Wayne Bristow

Wayne Bristow

I'm a poz guy, just starting my tenth year living with HIV. I've been blogging here at since March 20th, 2011. I volunteer at two AIDS Service Organizations in my area, ACG (AIDS Committee of Guelph/Wellington) and ACCKWA (AIDS Committee of Cambridge Kitchener Waterloo and Area). I've also been blogging for ACG since November 2010. I am a self-taught social media junkie doing facebook and twitter. I'm a great retweeter. I was recently hired by the OHTN (Ontario HIV Treatment Network) as a Peer Research Assistant. In my spare time I am a hobby photographer; some of my photos show up in my blog. 

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Valentines, zombies and bacon roses: a true story

Monday, 22 February 2016 Written by // Wayne Bristow - Positive Life Categories // Arts and Entertainment, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Wayne Bristow

A (Valentine’s) day in the life of Wayne Bristow

Valentines, zombies and bacon roses: a true story

Heart of Stone – photo by Wayne Bristow

Valentine’s Day. It’s not like I didn’t know this day was coming. On social media it’s impossible to avoid the barrage of messaging between all my followers.

I could have made plans, maybe ask someone out, but who? I could have asked around to see if anyone was having a get together or party but why should I always have to impose myself into the plans of others. So I do what I’m used to doing, turn it into a ME day, do what I want to do and not have to follow someone else’s agenda.

This is the kind of day I had:

4:08 a.m. the TV wakes me. I fell asleep watching it so I shut it off. Acid reflux is bubbling in my stomach so I position myself in a semi-sitting position and try to fall back to sleep.

4:43 a.m. My acid reflux is now raging, I had slid down into a lying position allowing it to fester. Chocolate is a trigger for it.. My granddaughters were selling chocolate bars as a school fundraiser, I bought some and treated myself. I should have known better, giving in to the temptation, I deserved this. I try to generate saliva in my mouth and keep swallowing to prevent anything from coming up. Somehow I’m able to go back to sleep.

8:30 a.m. The damned alarm goes off. I had forgotten to disable it yesterday. It’s too early to get up and I’m still very tired so I give myself permission to sleep in. I roll to my side and assume the (solo) spooning position and go back to sleep.

11:28 a.m. I open my eyes. Light is coming through a crack in the curtain on the window. I see the time on the clock and I feel the coolness in the room - I hate sleeping in a hot room. I lay there for about ten minutes before deciding to get up.

Coffee is first on my ‘must do’ list. Lucky for me, there’s just enough in the pot for one very dark, bitter tasting cup of coffee; I’ll add a little more creamer and sugar. Outside the kitchen window the sky is a radiant blue with a smattering of small, thin clouds off in the distance. I see the tip of an icicle coming from above the window. It’s glistening like a raw diamond because of the sunshine but I notice it isn’t melting. That can only mean it’s still friggin’ cold outside. There will be no need to get dressed up, I’ll be in for the day.

I go online to see what’s happening in that part of my life/world – to see if there is anything to share. But it’s Sunday; all I’m seeing are wishes for a Happy Valentine’s day, a lot of cozy couple photos promising their love is forever. It is sweet to see; some of them I know have been together for several years. I click on the ‘like’ button to acknowledge I’ve seen them. I might leave a short comment or just send wishes back and then move on.

As I’m scrolling through my news feed, amongst the blur of all the pink and red I spot a photo of bacon shaped into roses. Now there’s a gift anyone can give me everyday of the year. Then I notice, this one isn’t for me, it’s a birthday card for one of my contacts. I think about frying some for my breakfast but put it off and then I forget about it.

Not having any other plans for the day….or night, I remember ‘The Walking Dead’ marathon is on TV and the new series will start tonight. I have a six-pack in the fridge, popcorn is by the microwave and my quilt is waiting to wrap around me for the next several hours. Happy Valentine’s Day to me, with deep regrets to the folks at Downton Abbey’

I wonder, if I wasn’t single, would I still be watching The Walking Dead alone? Of course I would. I wouldn’t give up all of me to be with someone else. I don’t have any of those channels where I could binge watch so when my show is on, shush!

As it turned out, the opener for season six was one of the best episodes I’ve watched.

Photo created by Zombify and Pixlr