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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 Written by // Jay Squires Categories // Finances, Jay Squires, Lifestyle, Living with HIV

Jay Squires discovers that finding suitable employment after a long health-related absence isn’t an easy task


WARNING.  Self-serving, whiny rant. 

I got two "over-qualified" rejections in two days. That's my life. My resume screams "lawyer"  and "executive"  and "expensive."  No one can see beneath it to a guy who just wants a worthwhile job. The problem is for people to do so, if any can, I have to explain why I have been idle for two and a half years.

My explanation is deeply personal. At the start I laid it out but got nowhere. I'm now tired of giving a stranger that much information.  And so I'm stuck. I couldn't work because I was sick but using that excuse sickens me.

To me it seems obvious that a person qualified to do a job is not disqualified if he can do more. I must be wrong because everyone seems to disagree.

The last time I got a job "off a resume" was 1994. Times have changed and not for the better. Today the system is focused on efficiency and the false savings that brings.

How many well-qualified, productive people live beneath the cracks because their past doesn't fit the strict predetermined criteria of human resources "professionals"?

I am going to keep fighting. It is all I can do. I hope someone will recognize what I have to offer. My friends compliment me regularly on my past accomplishments and I pray as often that a hiring manager will do the same. But to do so she cannot be afraid of me.  She cannot doubt my sincerity on no more than the fact I make the statements she doubts.

To my friends who support me please continue to do so. This is my bright spot today.

God bless you friends and I will Keep the Faith.