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Daniel Uy

Daniel Uy

Daniel Uy is a Toronto-based Yoga Teacher and Practitioner. He teaches several different styles of yoga throughout the city and more information about his work can be found on He has been HIV+ since 1997 at the ripe old age of 21yrs old. He has a light-hearted approach to life and is an eternal optimist.

He shares stories and information on health, wellness, and spirituality beyond the pharmaceutical and religious realms. And will also share and discuss some of his favourite pastimes – spinning poi, reading, yoga, meditation and hamburgers. Metta.


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Thursday, 17 December 2015 Written by // Daniel Uy - Urban Yogi Categories // Yoga, Lifestyle, Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Daniel Uy

Daniel Uy says “It is so easy to block ourselves from experiencing life. Every time we lift our camera phone we place something between us and the one we are with. We disconnect from the moment. Put it away.”

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Sometimes I do not write a lot of updates or comments or posts on Facebook, my work Facebook page, my twitter feed, or to my editor here. Through the past few years of teaching, after spending all day communicating, when I am home, I have nothing to say. 

That is not to say that I do not speak! You can ask my closest friends that I can talk freely, and then some.  But there are many times where things that are relevant or that I share, I endeavour to do it in a context where it can be received, in the class room, on the mat, when the subject comes up. I also try to find a way to articulate it and that it sits with me for a while before I write it and share it here with readers.

Some of the most meaningful things said become one of those "you had to be there" moments. And I may not remember or capture the moment and reiterate it here or other places because it's already been sent out to those that were present when it was said. Live the moment as the moment is. Going into the end of our calendar cycle, which is honoured in various ways and customs, take time to enjoy and be in those moments.

There was once a time before technology when people got together and no one else got to see what they ate or what they were all wearing.  Where the greatest concern was the other human right in front of you.  Take time and allow those moments to be special once more.  There are several moments in the past year that have no pictures, which others do not know about, that I remember.  These secret moments either with a friend, alone, with strangers existed.  The image in my mind is there.  And the feelings and sensations and range of human emotion that was with them is also still present.  And as we look back at these fragments and moments we re-attach to our present person but again in the next they drift back away.  We do not lose them, or run or fight, they simply are and were, and sometimes become again.  It does not need tangible proof to know that it was real.  And living in a place in life now where the opinions of others are not needed to justify those moments any more. 

Less capturing and more living. Aparigraha is the fifth yama in the first limb of yoga. It roughly translates as non-grasping.  I have discussed a different aspect of it previously in another article.  But this year, and this time, I would encourage those who are so brave and bold, to spend time as it is and less time capturing, holding, containing or freezing moments of time and hoarding them on phones and other social media devices.

It is so easy to block ourselves from experiencing life.  Every time we lift our camera phone we place something between us and the one we are with.  We disconnect from the moment.  Put it away.  Then see what happens.  Metta.