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Brian Finch

Brian Finch

Brian Finch, founder and publisher of Positive Lite. I've had a blog since 2005 when I decided one day that I just wanted to write. Since then I've grown to writing for a local Toronto magazine, Fab, and contribute to

I first went public in the 1980s, and with the exception of a few years of taking a break, have not really stopped. Life is an evolution, and for the last six years I've brought everyone along for the ride, the good, the bad & the ugly.

Today I share stories of my lastest recarnation of life of a publisher, traveler, recovery, a new relationship, my three-pound Chihuahua Hildy, converting to Judaism and where ever else my journey takes me.


Dear Zachary

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Movies, Arts and Entertainment, Current Affairs, Opinion Pieces, Brian Finch

Brian Finch with "My response to “On the Response to My OUT 100 Interview” by Zachary Quinto."

Dear Zachary

Ive had a crush on Zachary Quinto long before I knew that he was gay. My first thought? There is a god after all. He can almost do no wrong. 

Emphasis on almost. While he was recently lamenting what he sees as the complacency around HIV in the gay community, I had to take umbrage with some of the commentary. This of course is a reference to his original interview in Out Magazine. Then came the Huffington Post response to all the blowback he got. It was good until I got to this part. 

"I have had numerous conversations in my travels with young gay people who see the threat of HIV as diminished to the point of near irrelevance. I have heard too many stories of young people taking PrEP as an insurance policy against their tendency toward unprotected non-monogamous sex. THAT is my only outrage."

Guys in the 20s and early 30s are about as familiar with the crisis days and pre-tr
eatment days as I am with the Vietnam War. As one said to me, Its all theoretical.My response was, Dear, as soon as you put a dick in your mouth it is no longer theoretical.But thats how they see it. 

As they say, you can bring a horse to water, but you cant make them drink. Wagging our fingers at them isnt going to help. I offer no answers here. 

One time a post-sex disclosure happened by accident online. I asked the guy to read my profile which included my status and get back to me if he was interested. He said he had, and in reality he hadnt.  Much later, he read an article I wrote. The next thing I know Ive got a surprised email full of concern. For gods sake.I thought. He only sucked my cock. Not to mention he didnt read my profile so I was just as surprised as he was.

This was the guy who said it was theoretical to him. I was originally quite harsh and very judgmental. Somehow at age of 28 I was the first person hed known about with a positive status. 

How does this happen? A carefully constructed system of willful blindness. Its a system where those who are out about their status are the ones that are penalized and stigmatized.

Additionally, running in the background like malware is racism, unequal power dynamics, sense of self, HIV criminalization, stigma and social campaign fatigue; sprinkle a little crystal meth in for good measure and there is a subject for a PHD grads thesis somewhere.  

Ive also encountered another sub-segment of guys who refuse to use condoms. They are both negative and positive. Nothing I could  say would change their mind. This is their choice. They have done their risk analysis. 

"Wed rather seem to support HIV infection (by depriving men of access to PrEP) rather than accept that condomless sex is going to happen, no matter how much you scream and shout." 

This is where my fellow gay men go all right-wing in their ideology. Its as if we have been transported to the 1950s talking about birth control. Wed rather have unwanted pregnancies than recognize that teens have sex. Just like wed rather seem to support HIV infection (by depriving men of access to PrEP) rather than accept that condomless sex is going to happen, no matter how much you scream and shout. 

There is a deep routed fear that everyone is going to rush out and bareback when given PReP. Some guys will, some guys wont. I dont want someone telling me how to have sex. I certainly dont want other gay men to label others as Truvada Whores.We are our own worst enemies. At times we are not much better than those we love so much to criticize. 

Whenever I talk about the implications behind being undetectable and risk level in the latest research, the first thing that comes out of peoples mouthes is It doesnt mean you dont use condoms.

My immediate reaction is, Where did I say not to use condoms?”  Your need to control is so great that you have to get it out of your mouth and past your lips in record time. 

I like the idea of redundancy; using a condom and being undetectable means that negative guys should not be freaking out. No need for the Ebola-Reponse. We need them to get with the program. 

Its time to stop the shaming, stop the outrage, and get educating. 

Lately when I do go on a hook up site, I tend to go to one particular barebacking site. Everyone is up front about their status, sex-positive and stigma free. I have no desire to get together with anyone negative. 

Ive had enough of guys sero-sorting by stamping neg onlyto self-select out the virally suppressed undetectable positive guys. In the end they will be inevitably hooking up with a guy recently exposed and highly infectious during the initial acute phase. 

The problem is that often Im not that interested in barebacking as there are many other things Id rather not get. But what does that say about the times when this is the venue in which I feel the most accepted and comfortable. (This is a long way of saying I dont have sex that often.) 

Now if we could only create that kind of dynamic off-line and in our broader community wed be so much further ahead. 

Zachary is still my heartthrob. When it comes to issues around HIV, hes still a work in progress.