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Brian Finch

Brian Finch

Brian Finch, founder and publisher of Positive Lite. I've had a blog since 2005 when I decided one day that I just wanted to write. Since then I've grown to writing for a local Toronto magazine, Fab, and contribute to

I first went public in the 1980s, and with the exception of a few years of taking a break, have not really stopped. Life is an evolution, and for the last six years I've brought everyone along for the ride, the good, the bad & the ugly.

Today I share stories of my lastest recarnation of life of a publisher, traveler, recovery, a new relationship, my three-pound Chihuahua Hildy, converting to Judaism and where ever else my journey takes me.


Magic Mike - One Big UP!, for the first five minutes.

Sunday, 15 July 2012 Written by // Brian Finch - Founder Categories // Movies, Arts and Entertainment, Opinion Pieces, Brian Finch

Brian Finch takes in the most talked about movie of the summer - box office hit, male stripper movie Magic Mike

Magic Mike - One Big UP!, for the first five minutes.

This year I didn’t take in any Pride festivities at all, except performing at Slack’s Pride Show.  So to kill time the last night of the long weekend, I went to see Magic Mike, the male stripper movie loosely based on Channing Tatum life’s story. 

This was the perfect time to see it. Being the end of the Pride weekend, the audience was 20% women, 80% gay men. One character in the movie gives a bitchy remark to another and a gay audiance member yells out "S...N...A....P!" I knew I was in the right place. 

Here is my rating. I give it a big one up, but not my thumbs. Well, I initially gave it this for the first five minutes, but then the drama get’s in the way of the truly important stuff  - like seeing naked hot men.

Still, it’s such an American style of nudity, all nice and glossy and, of course, no frontal. These days, stars got to give up the dick. Women have been full frontal for years. Is a dick and a set of balls that dangerous? They seem to show enough on the HBO show, Game of Thornes. 

They showed one dick. In the corner of the shot, a bit out of focus, was a cock in a pump tube, as the guy was getting himself ready for the show. You only see the dick, and we never know to whom it belongs. 

Unexpectedly I found myself identifying with some of the characters. There are a lot of crazy things I’ve done in my lifetime. I’ve fucked in front of more strangers that I can tell you. I always drew the line at dancing and talking, though. The rest I can do. 

The plot unfolds through the point of view of the three main characters - the new recruit, 18 year-old Adam (Alex Pettyfer), Magic Mike, and the  40 something owner Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), the  club owner. Each is at a different point in the life cycle of a male stripper. 

So ultimately the existential question arises of when is enough, enough? When is there enough sex? When is there enough partying? When is this no longer a sustainable life for growing romantic relationships? 

I could identify with the sub-culture of sex, drugs, travel, and larger than life moments that almost in themselves become addictive. This kind of lifestyle often precludes having romantic relationships, or ones with friends and family. I found myself in a place where I felt virtually nobody outside this world could relate to the expereinces I was having back then. 

This is only my reflection from my experiences in the sex industry. I don’t care if guys want to be strippers. Go ahead, strip away! 

When I saw this movie, I hadn’t been laid in months, and with my testosterone supplements, I definitely liked the opening sequences a lot. I can definitely say it was a “One Up!” At the end of the day, though, Magic Mike was mildly titillating, but the drama wasn’t anything exceptional. I’d recommend waiting to rent it, and that if you want to have a private moment while watching the first five minutes, have a clean box of tissues only an arm’s length away.