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  • The least secret secret
  • The viral divide
  • Smoking and HIV
  • A bridge to nowhere
  • Remembering Joan Rivers, fierce and early voice against AIDS
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  • The condom conundrum: what good are they anyway?

    The condom conundrum: what good are they anyway?

    Dave R: The accepted first line defence against HIV is the condom but are we being led to believe that it’s the only thing that will protect us? Just how efficient are condoms anyway, in the fight against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections?

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  • The least secret secret

    The least secret secret

    Tom Latte says there is a plague being passed on. No, not HIV. It’s about others sharing our status unasked.
  • The viral divide

    The viral divide

    Strengthening the bonds. Gary Nelson has tough words for those who are divisive - those who think the HIV–negative can’t understand being HIV-positive and those who laud being HIV-negative as superior
  • A bridge to nowhere

    A bridge to nowhere

    Michael Yoder on the Denver Principles and how people living with HIV are doing in relation to GIPA/MIPA and their “nothing about us without us” sentiments.